JUDr. Radoslav Bolf prefers to determine his contractual fees on a case by case basis. An attorney’s fee can be determined in different ways depending on the particular circumstances. The rules for the fee can be set so that both the attorney and the client are satisfied. Mostly, an hourly rate is stipulated.

In general, an attorney’s fee can be charged as specified below but it always depends on the character of each particular case and especially on an agreement with the client.

A one-time fee

  • for an attorney’s legal services is determined as a fixed amount regardless of how time-consuming and complicated the legal services are.

A fee based on the Attorney’s Tariff

  • is a non-contractual fee determined per each legal service act and according to the number of such acts carried out by the attorney in the particular matter.

An hourly rate

  • for an attorney’s services is usually based on the number of hours the attorney spends providing the legal service. An hourly rate is stipulated according to the complexity of each case (it is mostly between CZK 1,500 and 2,500 per hour). This fee is the most frequently used.

A fee based on success in the case

  • is based on an agreement between the attorney and the client specifying that the attorney is only entitled to the fee if he wins the case. Then the attorney gets a percentage of the amount that has been sued out. In such a case, the client can be sure that they won’t pay more than what has been sued out.

A flat rate fee

  • is suitable for those clients who need to use regular legal services within a given time period.


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