Criminal Law

  • Conducting the client’s defence within criminal proceedings.
  • The defence of the client in custody.
  • The defence of the client within pre-trial proceedings and at trial.
  • Representing clients as aggrieved parties during adhesion proceedings.
  • Participating in acts of investigation.
  • Applying for ordinary and extraordinary remedial measures.

Civil Law

  • Dispute agenda including representation at court.
  • Contract agenda (purchase agreements, contracts of donation, contracts for work, individual contracts based on your request).
  • Transfer of real property including applications for entering records in the Land Register, deposit, authentication of signatures, and lease of flats.
  • Establishment and changes of dwelling unit owners’ associations / housing cooperatives.
  • Issues of damages.

Contract Agenda

  • Purchase contracts and contracts of donation for transferring the title to real estate.
  • Contract of mortgage charging real estate.
  • Servitudes and easements.
  • Drawing up contracts on depositing real estate into a company’s registered capital.
  • Settlement of a community property of spouses related to real estate.
  • Drawing up applications for entering records in the Land Register, including representation during proceedings.
  • Lease of flats and real estate and usufructary lease.
  • Attorney’s deposit and authentication of signatures.
  • Drawing up purchase agreements and contracts for work.
  • Drawing up employment contracts, agreements for the performance of work and agreements to perform a job.
  • Drawing up bills of exchange and agreements on the right to complete a bill of exchange.
  • Preparation of individual contracts based on your requirements.
  • Legal analyses of contracts.

Dwelling Unit Owners’ Associations / Housing Cooperatives

  • Establishment and changes of dwelling unit owners’ associations.
  • Establishment and changes of housing cooperatives.
  • Drawing up and changing the constitution of dwelling unit owners’ associations and housing cooperatives.

Debt Collection

  • Complete legal analysis of recoverability.
  • Debt collection in court and out of court regarding both bodies corporate and individuals.
  • Administrative services connected with filing complaints and proposals.
  • Representation in arbitration.
  • Debt collection within distraint proceedings, including the filing of a distraint proposal.

Legal Advice on Establishment, Change or Dissolution of a Company

  • Drawing up complete documents for establishing business corporations and associations.
  • Representation within Commercial Court proceedings.
  • Representation of clients throughout the process of founding a company.
  • Representation in the event of a change or dissolution of a company.

Any other legal services based on clients’ requirements.


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